The Quality Gate is overwritten

Hello everybody,
my colleagues and I are running into a problem.
Let’s start from a situation where we have two SonarQube projects that we want to run through two pipelines.yaml on AzureDevOps to check our code.
We have two projects because part of the repo code has to be checked following stringent rules. While the other piece of code must follow other less stringent rules.
As shown in the image, we therefore have two builds, relating to the two pipelines, but only one Quality Gate.

If having only one quality gate can be acceptable, the problem occurs when the first build fails (so its quality gate fails and is also reported on DevOps), but when the second build ends in a succeded state, the quality gate it is overridden and the pull request appears to have been successful when in fact the first build has failed.

Is there a way to have two quality gates or not to overwrite? Maybe there is some configuration that I can recommend?

We use the Developer version.


Welcome to the community!

I don’t know a lot of about Azure DevOps, so I ask this naively: can you not stop the pipeline/job when the first analysis fails the Quality Gate?