The number of lines of code increased with no reason

What can explain that in one day on private SonarCloud projects (mono repo) the total of line of code is growing from 400k to 1m.
We launch many build on the same repo. Does each time a build is running with the same code increase the number of lines?
Something is not clear and we do not find explanation how the number of line is calculated.
Does some one know about the logic?

Hey there.


What language(s) are you analyzing?

Thank you Colin.
C#. I’m currently wondering if the extra lines provides from mono repo. Seems that mono repo are counted individually and we did not see that until the main branch analysis.
Or short-live branch line of codes was not counted until they are merged back to the long-live main branches. We spend a week with 400k by testing SonarCloud only with a short-live branch and once we decided to give them back to the empty main long-live branch the counters of line changed to 900k. That was with 3 mono repo. I will close this support as I do not find any reason why SonarCloud did not showed the same value with only short-live branches during our test.
I you said the number of build does not increase the total then it’s fine.