The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts. Analysis ID: "AXFh6_0_T0ZSXGJmC7au"

The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: “AXFh6_0_T0ZSXGJmC7au”.

Error Message

This analysis will make your organization ‘jooycar’ to reach the maximum allowed lines limit (having 109520 lines). Please contact the administrator of the organization to resolve this issue.

But we now have a mas of 500k lines

This error message relates to a scan on the master branch, but the failed analysis I’m reporting is on PR #65

The same project also failed analysis AXE7HkuVUTrTt8DvuFOA for PR #64 and analysis AXE37wgC3f_26RD4olj9 for PR #63, so I see it’s failing consistently.

Project is in NodeJS

PR #66 same problem with ID AXF2hZ86Ms4RfNDPFpjJ

I’ve had a look at our Autoscan logs and it seems like our system is not able to clone your repository to execute the analysis. So the issue is not related to your maximum lines limit of 500k lines, you should be fine with that.

How did you enable Autoscan on this repo ? Did you import the project normally through the UI ? And does the SonarCloud application in Github have the correct rights to see this repository ?

Grégorie, auto scan was automatically started once the project was imported via the UI, now I’m having the same problem on several different PRs of other projects. All have the same permissions in GitHub but some projects work and some others fail.

Other failed scans of other projects are:








They all show the same problem symptoms

Ok thanks for these answer. Could it be that those PRs are external ? Do they come from a forked repository ? If that’s the case then it is normal that it doesn’t work, external PRs are not yet supported.

That makes sense, as our devs for into their own GitHub accounts and only once finished they merge back into the organization repo. Are there any plans for supporting this or do you have any recommendations on how we should proceed?

Hi Gonzalo,

I dug a bit more and in fact the support of external PR has already been added to AutoScan, which you use, but it only works for public repositories…

Unfortunately when the fork is private then AutoScan is able to clone the original repository that has been imported into SonarCloud, but doesn’t have the permissions to clone the fork.
And we don’t know yet how to support that so we don’t have any further plans concerning AutoScan.

If you want to continue working with forks of private repositories I don’t really know how to help regarding private external PRs. But you could have a similar workflow with only one private repository, without forking, if the devs create feature branches within this repo and PR’s on the main branch once it’s ready. And Github allows to manage permissions quite deeply regarding the rights to merge/push on the main branch vs feature branches. That’s the way we work here at SonarSource.

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Thanks Gregoire, I understand perfectly what you mean and, as both SonarCloud and Jenkins have the same kind of issues with external PRs, we are trying to use a different approach, which might not be the best but seems that it might help to cope the situation: we’ve disallowed forking in our repos and also blocked direct push to master, so everything should go through PRs hosted within our organization in GitHub. We think this new settings an associated methodology would lead us to a better use of these tools.

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