The last analysis has failed - AW2JXNqOTx4dLOmmaA6I

The ID shown is AW2JXNqOTx4dLOmmaA6I

The repo is

Thanks for any help.

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Have the same problem on a different repo, this time with ID AW2Ji4qe37C5thYdTBjS. The repo is

Two other repos I set up are working fine.

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Welcome back Graham, it’s been a while!

vscode-python has a configuration issue: has sonar.tests=test, but the folder test does not exist. If you correct that line or comment it out, should solve it.

The failure reason for python-language-server is this:

ERROR: File src/UnitTests/Core/Impl/UnitTests.Core.csproj can’t be indexed twice. Please check that inclusion/exclusion patterns produce disjoint sets for main and test files

I think you need to write the configuration file like this:

# Path to sources

# Path to tests

Thanks! I should have noticed the first one :-(. Anyway, that is fixed now. For the language server, it turns out it’s not going to be very useful to autoscan, as it is C# code. Is there a plan to add support for C# in autoscan soon?