The 'key' Parameter is missing Azure Devops sonarQube integration

  • SonarQube Developer Edition)
  • Trying to integrate Azure Devops to integration on SonarQube
  • I have provided Config Name, Azure Devops URL and pat token. I get an error " the ‘Key’ parameter is missing" when trying to save configuration.
    tried to delete config and start over. Received Error “The ‘almSetting’ parameter is missing”
    I am looking for the format I need to provide the pat token in.
    I am assuming it may be something like … “key = {pat token}”

What version of SonarQube are you using?

Hi Colin,
I am using developer edition

Yes, but what version of SonarQube (it’s in the footer of your instance)

9.4 is the version of the sonarqube instance

Something seems fishy with this installation of SonarQube. I would suggest redownloading and making sure that no folders from any previous installation exists.