TFS2018 Publish Quality Gate Result Taks on Project with multible sln builds should show project name as Header

(Swtrse) #1

If you have a build with multible MSBuild tasks in the form

  • Prepare analysis on SonarQube
  • Build with MSBuild
  • Run Code Analysis
  • Publish Quality Gate Result

You will see multible entries of quality gate status in the SonarQube Analysis Report section of the build summary.
However there is no hint to which project the Quality Gate is linked. The name of the SQ Project should be listet as Header right before the Quality Gate state. A workaround does exists since you see the SQ Project if you hover over the “Detailed Sonar Qube report >” link and check the url.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2


good catch, I’ve created a ticket so that we work on this improvement: VSTS-169

Thanks for your feedback!