Tests problem, help, please


(Alexey Sh ) #1

Hi all.
I want to use SonarQube(online version) for my project
I implement it in my code, but have one issue
I can’ see my tests.
Please, can anybody help with this?
Link to my repo: https://github.com/PavelGor/tindertone

(Jeff Mathers) #2

Add the decorator to the to of your path for tests to make sure that the scanner will walk thruough all the directories below test…just append /** to the end of the path.


(Alexey Sh ) #3

Thanks, but, unfortunatelly, nothing changed :expressionless:

(Nicolas Bontoux) #4

Quick question: you seem to be using Maven for your project (I see a pom.xml in there), why not using the dedicated Scanner for Maven then ? The beauty of it is that it integrated with your Maven project definition, and will automatically infer most analysis properties (e.g., to your question here, which main code and test code to analyze).

(Alexey Sh ) #5

seems to me that for this I need to use only desktop app, am I right?

(Nicolas Bontoux) #6

Am not sure I understand this question. ‘Use only desktop app’, contrary to… what ? and how do you see it differently than the current usage of sonar-scanner you’re doing ?