Temporary 7d licence do not work when changing serverID

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I recently upgrade my sonarqube helm chart. I had to clone that database in order to process that update on a non-production database. My serverID changed and cancel my production licence key.

But on my administration panel, was displayed that i have a 7d temporary licence key for my new updated Sonar instance before that stop working, that why i make communication in my enterprise that this new instance was good to use in prod. That was a nice feature because that let me 7 extra days to talk with Sonar sales team to update my new prod env licence key.

But dev teams tells me that the new one do not work. I suspect that your temporary 7d licence key do not work unfortunately, which caused some issues :frowning:

The only infos i can share is i update my chart from 10.2.1+800 to 10.3.0+2009


Could you be explicit about what it is that’s not working, please?


Hello @ganncamp ,

This screenshot indicate that we have 7 extra day to use this instance of Sonar before that stop working cause of wrong licence key. But that don’t work we have this error message :


Hi Bastien,

Where do you see that error?


Hello @ganncamp

This came from our Jenkins CICD, which communicate with our Sonar instance in order to trigger quality gates for each commit & built :slight_smile:


That seems to be a screenshot of a log line. We’re not really fond of screenshots of logs. Text is far, far superior. :wink:

And during what operation was that log line produced? Because it’s not one I’m familiar with from Sonar logging in general.


Re ;

I cannot give you more logs cause we have updated since this problem the licence key with new one with the sales team, which correct this problem.

Is it possible on your side, to reproduce our update way maybe ? Which result in to update a sonar helm chart on a aws aurora. You will see that you are on a old licence key, and that you have this 7 extra day to update this licence before sonar stop to work, that would be the best way to have all the infos :slight_smile:

That was produce just after the call to sonar scanner cli. The project was not scanned at all btw


Hi Bastien,

Thanks for your persistence. I’m caught up now. I’m not sure why it took me so long. I’ll refer this bad messaging to the dev team.


Hi @Momotoculteur,

On the screenshot you shared, there is an “Extend once” button. Did you use it? It’s this button that extends the license validity for 7 more days.

Please let us know.


Hey @Antoine ,

I think you’re right. I thought it was just a label and not a button, as it is in ‘outlined’ mode, and so i did not click on it and thought my licence extension was already activated.

I’m colorblind, this is maybe not the best for ui/color for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support @ganncamp :raising_hand_man:

Have a great week,


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