Table Preparation with Sonar Qube errors count in my code Repositories


(Moin Akram Shaik) #1

For Example I have 13 Code Repositories in my project configured with sonar Qubes
I want a daily report as table consisting of

Repository name count of sonar qube in that repo
Can someone tell me how to prepare that table .
Please find the similar table Structure I need

Repository Name | Sonar Qube count in Source Code | sonar Qube count in Test code |Total

Login Repo 25 24 49
Acc activation 12 13 25

The table will be as above some one please help me how to prepare this report and want that table to send a email .

(Nicolas Bontoux) #2


It seems like this discussion can help:

(Moin Akram Shaik) #3

Hi @NicoB

Thanks for the reply
Actually I am looking for

For suppose there is a code-repo called “export-service” . In this repo there will be source code and test code right .
I want the sonar qube issue count of the whole repo as follows

code-repo name | whole repo sonar count | source code sonar count | test code sonar count
export-service 25 13 12

Like this for all the repos i want to prepare a table .
Please reply .

Thanks & Regards
Moin Akram Shaik