[Swift] Generic Type Constraints scanned as parameter

Simple Generic class interface that is using Generic Type Constraints like:

class DoubleRowView<Element: UIView>: UIView {

Cause a Minor code smell - Type parameter names should comply with a naming convention

In most cases, type parameters have descriptive names, such as Key and Value in Dictionary<Key, Value> and Element in Array<Element> , which tells the reader about the relationship between the type parameter and the generic type or function it’s used in. However, when there isn’t a meaningful relationship between them, it’s traditional to name them using single letters such as T , U , and V , such as T in the swapTwoValues(_:_:) function above.

Swift, Generic, Type Constraints


I’ve created a ticket to adjust the default parameter value. And in the meantime you can just change the value in the SonarQube.