SurefireSensor should support execution on non-Java projects

My use case is I am working on multi-module eclipse plugin development built with maven and scanned with the Sonar Maven Scanner Plugin. One of the projects is an RCP-TT UI Testing project of rctpttTest. It generates test reports in the same format and output directory as surefire does. However, I have not been able to find a way to force the SurefireSensor to run on my project as there are no Java files in the project itself. I would like the test results to be picked up and tracked in Sonar.

I tried adding the following config in my POM in hopes that it would trick the sensor that this was a java project and it should run, but no luck:


A potential work-around is a post-test step that copies the results to one of the other plugins with normal surefire test results so that tests are counted as part of that plugin, but I would like to avoid such hacks.

Hi Daniel… I have the same issue here… Did you find a working solution/workaround ?