Support searching for partial project keys

Currently in the project overview dashboard you search for projects by name or key.
This works fine for searching by name, for example when entering ‘ISAAC’ as search term it will list all projects with ‘ISAAC’ in the name.
For searching on project key however it only shows exact matches, for example searching for
‘nl.isaac.comp’ won’t show any results.
Searching for ‘nl.isaac.comp.ejb:isaac-ejb-shared’ shows exactly one result.

The usecase is that sometimes you want to view multiple projects in a certain maven group id for example and this is currently the only way that could easily support it.


  • Show projects with a project key that only partially matches the search term.

I realize this could lead to “too many matches” for example if you want to search for projects with ‘isaac’ in the name and not so much the projects that have ‘isaac’ in the project key. Not sure if this is an issue.


there’s already a jira ticket

You might watch + vote as registered user.


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