Support JQwik annotations

I use JQwik and SonarQube reports issues for my tests : TestCases should contain tests

I would be nice to support JQwik (@Property and @Example) annotations.

I am using * Community Edition * Version 9.4 (build 54424), but the latest version of doc for the rule does not mention support for JQwik.

P.S : the min size for the topic title is annoying
P.P.S : so is the fact that @ must be followed by the name of a user

Hey there.

As noted in the post for reporting a false-positive:

It would be a big help if you can provide some sample code that is raising an issue when JQwik annotations.

Much more annoying are topic titles like “help” or “failure” – which we have to avoid to keep our sanity. :confused: