Support for PostgreSQL 11

We are currently on SonarQube 6.7.6 with MySQL. Since support for MySQL has been dropped in the latest LTS, we are looking to replace it with PostgreSQL. Is PostgreSQL 11 support on the roadmap for upcoming LTS releases of SonarQube?

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PostgreSQL 11 is not on the official list, because we are not yet using it internally. But i’m not aware of known issue. We are eager to have feedback on this, so please give it a try and get back to us if you encounter any issue!

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We did just (in SonarQube v8.1) update to the version of the Postgres JDBC driver that officially supports Postgres 11 and 12!

While it’s not officially supported because we don’t test it, I know a lot of customers using it without issue (and have for a while)


I created a jira ticket to track this request.

Thank you for your answers! I would prefer to run LTS, so I guess I could just replace the driver bundled with 7.9 to one which supports Postgres 11.

Of course, it would be nice to run a officially tested version. Are you planning on backporting the JDBC driver upgrade to 7.9 LTS?

Nope, LTS will only receive security patches.