Support for analysis in parallel builds is missing

We have access to the SonarQube developer edition and were able to successfully integrate with Azure Devops. PR decoration works fine as long as we do not run a build in parallel.

As soon as a build in Azure Devops is ran in parallel, only the latest pushed result is used for PR decoration and quality gate checking.

Since most of our builds are ran in parallel, we cannot truely benefit from adding sonarqube to our builds. Any help on how to resolve this issue is highly appreciated.

Hi @MAJ_Veld and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

In order to help you solve your problem, I’d like to know a bit more about your context :
What type of project are you trying to analyze? (.NET?)
Do you have several different projects for which you run builds in paralel?

As I understand what you say, it seems like you run different builds for different part of your global project, and that for each build, you run a SonarQube analysis. Am I correct?

If so, you will be able to achieve the PR deco with a monorepo setup, available in the next version of SonarQube Enterprise Edition, the coming-very-very-soon 8.7 .


Hi Christophe,

In follow up to your message I can confirm that we build .NET type of source code. Different parts of the same repo are build in parallel, each with a set of separate Sonarqube preparation, analysis and publish steps.

Good to see confirmed that there indeed is an issue with the current version of SonarQube in this type of setup for a build pipeline. However, this is, in my opinion, such a basic type of functionality that it should not be limited to an Enterprise version of a product such as SonarQube. Evenmore since the Developer version itself is already rather an investment to make given the non negligible yearly license costs.