Submitting a pull request to fix a typo in rule S4035


I spotted a typo in C# rule S4035 (regarding IEquatable interface) and thought I’d submit a pull-request to address it.

However, I’m having trouble with the guide for ‘Create or modify a rule’ as I am not able to ‘Run’ the ‘create_new_rspec’ GitHub workflow here Create New RSPEC · Workflow runs · SonarSource/rspec · GitHub as there is no ‘Run’ button

I’ve created a pull-request for the fix anyway here Modify rule S4035: Fix typo in 'Why is this an issue' section by Scomocouk · Pull Request #3535 · SonarSource/rspec · GitHub but it has been sitting there for 5 days still with 6 checks ‘Waiting for status to be reported’. So I guess I really do need to get that ‘Create or modify a rule’ workflow working?

Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks,

Hi ScottM!

Thanks a lot for raising this issue, it was very helpful for us to improve our processes.
I’ll take care of your typo PR and merge it as soon as possible.

Regarding ‘create_new_rspec’, I think you don’t have permission to run the GitHub action to create a new rule. But the good news is that It’s not needed to fix typos and make small adjustments to our rules.

I just triggered the CI run on your PR, as soon as it’s done I’ll merge it.


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