Sublime Text support in SonarLint


(Саша Черных) #1

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1. Summary

It would be nice, if Sonarlint features will be added to Sublime Text 3 — sublimetext .com/3 .

2. Argumentation

2.1. Popularity

Sublime Text — one of most popularity IDE/Text editors. For example, look at Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 results:

I’m a Python user; look at Python Developer Survey 2017 results:

2.2. Competitors

2.2.1. CodeClimate

CodeClimate have a linter for Sublime Text, but CodeClimate have a problems for Windows users

2.2.2. Coala

Coala have a tool for Sublime Text, — github .com/coala/coala-sublime — but:

  1. It has a small functionality.
  2. Coala depends on a specific versions of “bears” (modules). User needs works with Coala in virtual environment, which creates difficulties.

3. Information

Sublime Text 3 have a SublimeLinter — sublimelinter .com — framework, which facilitates integration into Sublime Text checking/linting tools. Look at already existing linters list.