Strange lines of code count and other questions

Thanks Ann,

I posted a new issue regarding LOC counting.

As I stated in the original post above, we don’t have any CSS in our project, nor anywhere under the upmost folder, not even a single one. The only source files are C++.

I also posted the relevant section from the output, here it is again:

Sensor CSS Rules [JavaScript]
1 source file to be analyzed
1/1 source file has been analyzed
Hit the cache for 0 out of 0
Miss the cache for 0 out of 0
Sensor CSS Rules [JavaScript] (done) | time=40953ms

The name of the CSS is not mentioned, not even in the detailed (-X switch) output.
And again, this didn’t show up when specifying a subfolder.

Sharing the full build log would be challenging as it is located on a secured network, however if necessary I’ll make the effort and transfer it for sharing here.