SSO Users display name is updated to first name only when they log in for the first time

  • SonarQube 10.2.1
  • Deployed to EKS via Helm
  • SSO Integration with Okta


We have a SonarQube instance that is integrated with Okta for Sing Sign-On. When we configured the integration, it pushed all the users to SonarQube, which were all listed with their full names.

However, as soon as one of those users logs in via Okta, it seems to change the dosplay name to be first name only. For some reason, last name is removed. When trying to filter issues based on Assignee, it makes it challenging when there are multiple users with the same first name.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hey there.

Whatever attribute you are passing to will need to contain the full name. It sounds like it’s only passing the first name.