SSO Configuration not showing in UI (V8.9.1 - Community Edition)

We are using SonarQube Community Edition (V8.9.1) right now.
We use SSO configuration to enforce login and when we setup values manually everything works as expected…

We want to automate our configuration and when we populate all properties in file; SSO works as well although UI/Security Section doesn’t show any values been populated.


We tried setting up properties with API calls and all values are showing up in UI/Security Section but we are unable to make it work with certificate value correctly (sonar.auth.saml.certificate.secured property) and I’m suspecting its due to multi-line characters and not able to parse value correctly.
All other property values are populated and UI shows just fine.

Does anyone know how to make X509 certificate value parse properly so it works?
Does anyone know why UI is not showing up properties which are configured in which works as expected but not been displayed?

Hi @spiyush12 ,

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Allowing UI-defined properties in the system properties of was an unintended side effect during implementation, so technically you should not be able to do that. We have a dev ticket to handle that eventually: As you may have noticed, there are specific sanitization or parsing events that occur for unique fields like the X509 certificate.

My recommendation is not automate this type of configuration and use the SonarQube UI to populate these SSO/SAML fields.