SQ doesn't recognize files that're moved across frameworks

In my XCode project I moved a bunch of files from one framework to another, they didn’t have unit tests before, and now SQ is reporting there are new files that don’t have test coverage. Is there anyway to work around this? Thanks!

  • SonarQube 7.7, Swift plugin
  • Source code (.swift) moved across frameworks are considered as new files with “0 coverage on New Code”.

Hi @hzxu,

was this problem solved? Can I close the topic?

It’s not solved yet, but I guess it’s just how it works - files moved from one framework to another are recognized as new files. So please close it if you think this won’t be changed in the near future.

Hey @hzxu

Is this just a case of files renamed, or a refactoring of the code? As of SonarQube v7.9.3, Moved File Detection should be used when calculating new lines. :man_shrugging: Maybe that helps?

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