SQ Developer License in automated tests

I have a question regarding a SQ Developer License in automated tests.

At the moment, I’m trying to write automated tests for our CI pipeline. For this purpose, I’m using a container image from Docker Hub to run a temporary SQ instance that can be used from the tests. This works well for the community edition.

Now I would like to test the automated pull request decoration, but for this feature, I need at least a Developer license. How could I do this in the automated tests? Do you have something like a short-term license which is valid only for some hours, or only for a very low amount of lines of code?

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Hi @michaelsauter, welcome the Community forum!

I just sent you an email with an evaluation key to try the Developer Edition.

Documentation about Pull Request Decoration


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To expand a little on Veronica’s answer, your license key is stored in your DB. Assuming your transient, Docker-based images connect to it you should be fine.