Spell checking for SonarCloud

It would be great to be able to use spell checking from within SonarCloud.
Currently SonarCloud does its job pretty well on finding out a lot of programmer’s mistakes and aims keeping code style common.
However typos are still left for manual code review.

It would be really nice that SonarCloud could also post spelling remarks to the code + possibility to tune a project-specific dictionary.
Most likely by default they remarks should have ‘Info’ level, gradually when the dictionary is filled in pretty well, a higher level of the remark may be chosed (in case the project administrator thinks it’s already time to do).

This feature may reduce time spent on manual code reviews. Let’s automate what’s possible!

NOTE: I found that for standalone SonarQube there existed such a project: GitHub - webdizz/sonarqube-spellcheck: SonarQube SpellCheck Plugin to provide spell checking of source code however apparently it’s not being actively developed for years.

Hello @lrozenblyum ,

Thanks for your insight, we really appreciate you took the time to share it. In this case we don’t have any plans to address this on our current roadmap, but if we find evidence that it’s a wider problem we’ll look into it further. If this happens we may contact you with an update or ask for some more information.

Thanks again.

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In addition to the original idea, it would be nice also to be able to spell check the filenames themselves. The mistakes in them are not uncommon.