Spaces in projectBaseDir?

I’m very new to SonarCloud and have been struggling to get a Monorepo going with a collection of simple (example) .NET projects. I’m running in GitHub Actions and in my YAML I have specified a projectBaseDir for each of my projects. Two of them scan fine but one doesn’t because its folder name includes spaces.

My projectBaseDirs are:
projectBaseDir: MD5test/
projectBaseDir: NET 5 HelloWorld/
projectBaseDir: BackgroundWorker/WinFormsApp1/

The middle one doesn’t work. The analysis fails with this message:
ERROR: Unrecognized option: 5
So the spaces are confusing it.

I have tried lots of things to enclose the path: single quotes, double quotes, various brackets, 2 sets of quotes, escaping spaces with backslashes, and so on. It runs on ubuntu-latest (has to run on this I believe). Is there a way to use this path or do I need to rename my folder?
Thanks all!


Hello @Paul_Westerman ,

I invite you to modify the name and avoid whitespaces to make the action works as expected!


Thanks. Guess that’s my only option? Ridiculous!

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