SonarServer 7.7+ is suddenly stopped working in Windows Server

Sonar Server has stopped working suddenly from yesterday and not sure i am not able to start it . I am herewith attaching the logs for the reference. Please do the needful by letting us know the results.

Welcome :slight_smile:

yes we need to check the logs, but you didn’t attach any logs !?


Hi, I have the logs with me , but i dont see a place where to attach the same . I am seeing only sharing option here but no where i can see the pin button to attach it …


first you have to copy your Sonarqube log files to txt files, means copy sonar.log to sonar.txt,
es.log to es.txt … etc. Otherwise you’ll get

Then either drag and drop the files from file manager to the editor of your post - note
that pictures will be inlined and txt files will be attached to your post - or use the upload feature

which opens a dialog with a button for file picker