Sonarscanner source code location

To perform the sonarqube scan, it is not able to scan the source code which is present in other directory locations.
If it is kept inside C:/agent/sonar-scanner/bin/src - it is able to scan. That means sonarscanner.bat and src in same location - success.

Is there any constraint for locating the source anywhere else in the path to be conditionally passed from the same folder where sonarscanner.bat is present.

Code is not getting scanned if it is placed like below location:
sonarscanner.bat location: C:/agent/sonar-scanner/bin/sonarscanner.bat
source code location: C:/code/_work/s/1/src


You should put the sonar-scanner executable in your %PATH%, and check your code out into a separate / clean directory. Then cd into that directory and you should be able to successfully execute sonar-scanner from there.