SonarQube with Jenkins

Dear Support,
This time I created a new thread with only one question
Which configuration shall we put in place to ensure that on SonarQube server we checked all the files in our develop branch on a daily basis ?
We changed New Code Period from “general settings/general” value into the past 2015-01-01 to ensure a check of each file from 2015 until now but seems not working properly.
best regards,

Hi Jean-Christophe,

Just for the record, this isn’t Support, but a community of users and some SonarQube employees whose primary responsibilities lie outside the community.

To your question, analysis covers every non-excluded file by default. So all you have to do to make sure every file is checked every day is to make sure analysis runs daily. You can handle that with a Jenkins timer IIRC, although a better route is to trigger analysis after commit.