SonarQube with Codemagic

I am using Developer Version of SonarQube and want to integrate it with Codemagic for my native Android app, but receiving errors. Can someone help me!

I also tried the below documentation

But SonarScanner is not required for gradle check.

Getting error:

Task :app:sonarqube FAILED
SonarQube server [http://localhost:9000] can not be reached


It sounds like you didn’t provide a value and analysis defaulted to trying to find SonarQube on localhost.


Hi Ann, still receiving the same error

I tried different urls but still getting error:

./gradlew sonarqube -Dsonar.projectKey=$Prj_key -Dsonar.login=$SONAR_TOKEN

How to determine the host url?

I am using my computer’s ip address as Still getting the same error


Where is your SonarQube instance located? If it’s on the same machine you’re running analysis on, then defaulting to localhost:9000 or using your host IP address is fine. If it’s not, then you need to provide the address of the machine hosting SonarQube.