Sonarqube volume mount path

Hi ,

When we create projects in sonarqube dashboard. Where does they get stored ?
In order to maintain the persistent storage of data , we used volume mounts as mentioned in Official document .

-v sonarqube_data:/opt/sonarqube/data
-v sonarqube_extensions:/opt/sonarqube/extensions
-v sonarqube_logs:/opt/sonarqube/logs \

But I couldn’t find my projects here .
Even after the checking the default mount path /var/lib/docker
How will I get my data back if sonarqube container get crashed ?

Also let me know about docker compose mount path !

All SonarQube data is stored in the database.

You can resinstall SonarQube from scratch, and as long as you connect to the same database, your project data will persist!

@Colin Thanks for the update . Its working now !