Sonarqube version développeur avec java 11

Hello, I’m trying to install a developer version sonarqube, on a Rhel8 machine with java 11. I start my sonarqube with a systemctl service, with a sonarqube user, but my problem is I try to start I have this error message in sonar.log.
Problematic frame: # C [jna14610093349623683659.tmp + 0x12b85] ffi_prep_closure_loc + 0x15 # # Core dump will be written. Default location: Core dumps may be processed with “/ bin / true” (or dumping to /usr/local/sonar-qube/sonarqube- /core.17694)


Hi @sneybe,

Can you start SonarQube manually, using the script directly? Or do you get the same error?