SonarQube Version 9.5 Community

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  • SonarQube, Scanner, Version 9.5, Community
  • Use current installation for TFS and GitLab s
  • TFS is running great, but we want to test GitLab with our SonarQube installation. Is this possible?

Hey there.

Have you looked at the documentation for Gitlab Integration?

Thanks for the help on this Colin. I have looked at the documentation and know that SonarQube and GitLab work great together. I am doing a Pilot of GitLab on one of our applications with our current secondary software. Secondary software includes SonarQube, Powershell MSBuild etc… I can’t take down our current TFS implementation while I am doing the pilot which means SonarQube will be scanning TFS and GitLab at the same time. I can add the PowerShell commands to the .gitlab-ci.yml file and test to see if the scanning worked correctly. My main concern is making sure that doing this doesn’t cause issues with the TFS SonarQube scans that could be happening at the same time.


This will cause no issues. SonarQube is designed to connect to multiple DevOps Platforms.

You answered my question. Thanks for the help on Thanksgiving day. I do appreciate it.


No heroics on my part, just living in Switzerland. :switzerland:

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Makes sense. Love Switzerland. It looks like we are going to try and add SonarQube to our pilot. Might have some questions next week during the install. GitLab uses a file called .gitlab-ci.yml to send commands to SonarQube. If you have any information on this please point in the right direction.