SonarQube (Version 8.6.1) with GitHub


I am new to SonarQube and started with the developer 14 day trial version.

Use case: I have my repo in Git Hub, that i want be pulled and validated by SQ. I configured GIT Hub in ALM and i do see Pull Request Decoration & Import repositories from your ALM successful.

Issue: I don’t see a way to pull my repo from Git Hub. Please advise.


Welcome to the community!

Sorry, but it’s simply not clear to me which steps you have and have not completed successfully.


Thanks for your response. I followed the link below and completed all the 3 steps and completed Adding pull request decoration to GitHub".

  1. Create your GitHub App.
  2. Install your GitHub App in your organization.
  3. Update your SonarQube global settings with your GitHub App information

I didn’t see a need for " Setting up GitHub authentication" as this is just a POC.

My ask is to make SQ pull repo from Git Hub and apply XML validation rules.


You do realize you have to have an agent, such as Jenkins, in between to do the pull & analysis, right?


Thanks for confirming, I didn’t realize its needed as the document doesn’t talk about it. I think i have my question answered.