SonarQube v6.7 Intergrating output for Coverage

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We have been trying to incorporate the output from current version, RHEL 3.6b3, of from Ned Batchelder, et al, into SonarQube v6.2 and run into issues with Coverage Display showing NOTHING.

Is this an issue of differences between v 6.2 and current requirements produced by

Thank You

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SonarQube 6.2 is too old, it’s not maintained or supported. Please upgrade to 6.7 (LTS) or 7.7 (latest).

What matters here is the version of SonarPython analyzer (check in marketplace). Also provide analysis logs and project configuration.

FYI here is a doc about python coverage


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Thank You…
After further investigation, we are running 6.7 LTS…with 7.6 in the wings.

I am charged with getting some Report data out of SQ, but the only suggestion is to use the WEB API for XML type data.

Do you have a pointer to the WEB API Docs or examples for 6.7 LTS?

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Hi Dennis,

As was pointed out yesterday in one of your other threads, there is extensive Web API documentation linked from the footer of your instance.

Just in case, here’s a screenshot:


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Thank You for the reply.

I do not see that footer in v6.7LTS?


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Thank You for the reply…

Looking at the Web-Api you mentioned, I see that the sample outputs are in JSON.

Is that the only format reported out from your Web-Api?

Are there coded examples of extracting all Measures?

Great Product! We use it heavily in our work.

Thanks again

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Yes, JSON is the only format. We craft the Web APIs to fill our own needs in feeding the interface & that’s the only format we expect on the front end.

I can’t point you to any examples of data extraction (except, I guess, SonarQube itself).