Sonarqube(v4.2) - unable to set/update the sonar project name

Hi Sonar team,

I’m trying to set/update the project name and key from command line - it always picking up the artifact Id from pom.xml . As there are 100’s of pom.xml - i dont want to update the pom.xml files instead want to override the project names from command line.

This is the sonarqube version : 4.2 ( i know this is pretty old version - but my company still using it).

mvn -e --settings settings.xml sonar:sonar -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true -Dsonar.jdbc.url=xxxx -Dsonar.jdbc.username=xxx -Dsonar.jdbc.password=xxx -Dsonar.projectName=demo-project -Dsonar.projectKey=demo-project

When I followed the same targeting to sonar version 7.9.1 0 - able to update the project name and key successfully.

Please guide me on how to update the project name in older sonarqube versions from command line.

Note:- overriding the artefactid from mvn command line also not helped.


Hey there,

SonarQube v4.2 came out in March 2014, and was immediately EOL when SonarQube v4.3 came out in July 2014. You should let your company know!

The minimum supported version of SonarQube is v7.9 LTS. Unfortunately, there’s not going to be any help we can provide.


thanks @Colin for your response