SonarQube Upgrade from 7.9 LTE to 8.9 LTE

  • which versions are you using (8.9 LTE, Scanner=4.6.2)
    Bitbucket Version 5.11
  • what are you trying to achieve
    I am trying to set up a pull request analysis because I just upgraded from 7.9 LTE to 8.9 LTE.
    Is it compulsory to have Bitbucket version 5.15 to set up a pull request analysis as referred to in the SonarQube documentation? Bitbucket Server Integration | SonarQube Docs

Hi @zorro,

Yes, you must use at least Bitbucket Server 5.15 to maintain compliance with the features that are compatible with 8.9 LTS. did you encounter any issues? Any reason not to upgrade to at least Bitbucket Server version 5.15?

When I create the pull request, it is analyzing everything in that branch instead of the new code.
We did not upgrade because the current version of Bitbucket is available on the Windows server. If we want to upgrade, we will have to move from the Windows server to Linux.

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it sounds like you are encountering a deficiency in using a non-supported version of Bitbucket Server, so you will need to upgrade.