Sonarqube Upgrade 9.9.2 LTS Data Migration too long

Hello, I would like to update my Sonarqube version to 9.9.2 LTS.(current version 9.3). I tested in a test environment, I see that the data migration step takes 5 hours. This is an RDS instance with the following parameters:

  • 109 Gb
  • engine 15.2
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • 2 vCPU

Can you give me some advice to reduce this migration time ?


Welcome to the community!

The migration is essentially scripted DB updates. So the best advice I can give you is to make sure

  • SonarQube has plenty of resources
  • it’s close on the network to its DB
  • the DB has plenty of resources

It’s also possible that the DB cleanup we recommend after and upgrade may also help before an upgrade to put the DB in a better state to be upgraded. But I have nothing to back that up.