SonarQube: unexpected behavior

Dear support team,

After the SonarQube v8.4.2 upgrade, the some project is encountering some unexpected behavior which didn’t happen in the past. The summery is as follows:

  1. A warning is suppressed on a feature branch but showing up on the master branch (after the feature branch is backmerged)
  2. Warnings from a feature branch were suppressed on the master branch. At some point the same warning is then also showing up on another feature branch where it needs to be suppressed again!
    However in few cases, the warnings (inherited from master) in feature branches are gone after doing an up-merge, which is actually the expected behavior.
  3. Sometimes the feature branch is showing as green but after doing the backmerge new warnings (which are related to the feature branch) are showing in master.

Hi Team,

We are seeing this issue on Production, can you please help me on this.



SonarQube 8.4.2 is past EOL. Can you upgrade to LTS (8.9.1), or latest (9.0) and try again?