Sonarqube UI - New Code vs Overall Code

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • SonarQube 8.9.1
  • scanning e.g. C/C++

The default SonarQube UI is to show me “New code”

I presumably have a different preference that the SonarQube developers - I would prefer to have “Overall code” being shown by default.

I would love to have a system setting where the default layout can be selected and (bonus) a
“per project” override option.

Thanx @ganncamp for adding “ui”

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Hi Peter,

This behavior comes from the Clean as You Code approach that we strongly encourage. The idea is to help developers focus on the New Code there are working on.

You may want to make a specific effort for some existing projects to clean up old code. And, that case, you probably need to prioritize and schedule this effort.
Would you be a situation where you are doing a specific effort to remediate the technical debt over all the instance projects?


@Chris I fully understand your view here - and yes. I can often allocate “some percentage” to the older problems. It differs from project to project

Thanks your the answer. We’ll keep track of the requests on the topic.

@Chris in my end I normally have zero issues with new code - but have older problems that need “love” :slight_smile: