SonarQube task status is 'IN_PROGRESS' in Jenkins

Our team is using SonarQube EE version 8.5.1 and Jenkins version 2.235.1
I am trying to

  • Analyse a project using Jenkins
  • Webhook is configured in SonarQube
  • Waiting to receive quality gate status back

The jenkins build keeps on waiting for the Quality gate feedback and then fails on timeout. Quality gate is Successful in SQ. Sometimes the build suceeds thus looks like a race condition.

Can anyone help with this issue? Is this a known problem or any tips to fix this?


Weeell… kinda. I believe there’s an immediate call to the SonarQube server just in case processing is already complete, and then the job settles down to wait for the webhook to arrive. So when your analysis report happens to be processed really quickly on the server-side you never get to the part that’s failing - the webhook.

So now the question is why the webhook isn’t being received. The first thing to check is the configuration in SonarQube - does it look right? Then check your Jenkins server log, IIRC the webhook calls will show up there. Not seeing them? Then it’s time to go back to your webhook configuration and figure out why the calls aren’t landing like they’re supposed to.


It’s no one’s full-time job to monitor this community. It is peopled by folks who have day jobs and drop in here occasionally in case they can be helpful. A day’s wait for a response isn’t bad.



guess there are no problems with the upload of the report archive to Sonarqube server (see Jenkins console log), you’re using the waitForQualityGate() step and … nothing happens !?

What has Sonarqube web ui about webhook delivery ?
Server unreachable means the webhook could not be delivered from Sonarqube to Jenkins.
From my experience those problems stem from proxy configuration and firewall permissions.
Is your Sonarqube instance behind a proxy ?

What are the versions of Sonarqube Jenkins plugin and Sonarqube scanner ?
Do you have custom Jenkins logs for Sonarqube ?
see Can I get the result of the sonarqube payload in the Jenkins console? this will show the webhook consuming part.
Do you use the Sonarqube stages within parallel { .. } ?