SonarQube SquidBridge

Hi All,

I am using the Sonarqube version I am trying to understand the squidbridge that we have for SonarQube and what is the significance of that. Please help me in providing a quick summary of what it is, when to use.


Hi Anudit,

Squidbridge is an internal component & nothing you should need to worry about.


I dont think thats really an answer right. I see alot of custom analyzers using it.


I don’t think I have the context to give more of an answer.

Are you interested in writing an analyzer?


Yes Ann, for my Custom Plugin, the language is not the usual Programming Languages and i want to write an analyzer for it. As far as what i understand, analyzers are used for Custom languages to load codes, analyze and ignore the files that are not recognized by them.


Good to know. I’ve moved this thread to the Plugin Development category.


Thanks. Can i still know what is squidbridge and what it helps you with?

It’s a library which was used to make it easier to write analyzers. I believe its main purpose was to have a common glue between an AST produced by SSLR and the sonar-plugin-api.
It’s not maintained anymore.

Thanks for your response. Can you please advise what is the proposed way to write analyzers now. Any hints or inputs would really help.