SonarQube sonar.projectVersion property GUI behavior

With SonarQube it is possible to set a version tag with the property sonar.projectVersion.
This is working fine, but on the GUI the display is confusing. The image should help to understand what is wrong - in my opinion.

The version tag was set on the yellow highlighted analysis, but the version tag will be moved to the top of the list, just until a new version will provided.
Another strange behavior is, that if we provide each time a version, the version tag will gone on the other analysis and will only be shown on the latest analysis before a new version tag will be provided.
If we can read between the lines and we know how this GUI works, then it is clear how to read this. But if a non technical person looks at the first time on this GUI, this is not intuitive because for this person - the display is not that was provided originally.

It would be nice to have the version number on the correct analysis, just where it was provided. To see the current version there is still the blue box.

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