Sonarqube showing old bug as new bug after analysis


We are using Sonarqube version 7.1
We have master branch and feature branch for our project. After analyzing the master branch we got a bug at Line 166, which is reported 3 years ago. we created a branch from master, did some code change, rebased from master and did the analysis. But now surprisingly the same bug at Line 166, is appearing as new bug in Sonarqube. But we didn’t done any commit on that line.

Bug appearing in master 3 years ago.

Bug in same line of the feature branch appearing as new bug 18 hours ago.

As you can see there is no any new commit(yellowish border line) on that part of the code.
Please assist, this is blocking our workflow.


Hello @601311,

Welcome to the SonarSource community.
There are several reasons why this can happen. The first one is probably that you are using a too old version of SonarQube (7.1). We have done a lot of improvement on new/old issues tracking since then, so I cannot investigate your problem before you upgrade to either 7.9 (our Long Term Support version) or 8.4 (our latest and greatest version).