Sonarqube - Short-lived branches are never purged

On any analysis, short lived branches are never removed whereas we have configured Key: sonar.dbcleaner.daysBeforeDeletingInactiveShortLivingBranches to 30 (default value).
This bug is very similar to [SONAR-11439] Analysis of long branch doesn't trigger purge of dependent short branches and pull requests - SonarSource but we are not sure housekeeping is triggering or not and we are using version 7.9.2 (build 30863) of Sonarqube.
Workaround is to remove short-lived branch manually.

I use SonarScanner for Maven version 3.7.

Any idea on what is wrong?

As a complement, i want to let you know that we don’t see any error on Sonarqube logs.

I just tried to reproduce with SonarQube 7.9.3 but it worked as expected, for both P/Rs and Short Lived Branches.
Are you sure that no analysis were done in those 3 months? Did you change any other setting about purges, specifically the ones about purging analysis?
The reason I’m asking is that the purge actually happens based on the last time the P/R was updated, which is not exactly the same as the value displayed in the list of pull requests, which refers to the last analysis found for the P/R.

Hi and thank you for the answer.
As i feared, it’s not reproductible :frowning: . We don’t use P/Rs Sonarqube functionality as it is not compatible with Gitlab for this version of sonarqube.
As you can see in the screenshot above, last analysis date is 3 months ago fot branch xxx-845. Also, this is just an example as i found some branches aged more than 3 months. Most projects we have that i saw seems impacted by this and i checked via the API to confirm analysis date.
Our developement and staging environments seems to work well that is to say analysis of long-term branches implies removal of short-termed.
I’am going to dump our production database to import it in dev then relaunch in debug mode. If we dont find the error root cause, we will write a script passig by the API to remove old short-lived, script that i will publish here.

Those are short lived branches, right?
Pull request decoration might not be compatible with GitLab but you can still analyze the pull requests and see the results in SonarQube.
If you are comfortable checking out the DB, check the update_at values for those branches in the table project_branches. I suspect they are more recent than 30 days.

Thank you for these informations.
Here is a branch that has been analyzed 4 Month Ago:

What i can see in the DB for this short llived branch, supposing that “updated_at” are in milliseconds, that gives me : ‭9 049 384 438‬ = 104 day 17 hr. 43 min. 4 sec. 438 ms

Via Web API for the same branch:
and develop branch:

My purging policy:

Many thanks,

I have a feeling about error might come from projetc keys. Does housekeeping is based on project keys for branch deletion? Something like “for all branches, if short lived as same project key as long lived and analyse date > to 30 days, then remove short lived branch else do nothing”.
I mean, imagine i have a my long-lived branches (master and develop) that have changed of project key but not my short lived, what happens then? i will test it.

After checking in database, it doesn’t seem to be the cause of the error.

As announced above, here you can find the script i use as workaround for this issue:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Purpose: Remove Sonarqube short-lived branches older than  x  days (30 by default) months. Sonarqube can be configured to remove short-lived branches if they are not analysed for 30 days (triggered by long-lived branch analysis).
#          We have a bug in production that prevent auto remove, so here is a scripts that will be croned to remove via rest api old short-lived branches.
# Notes : Algorithm
# For all Sonarqube's projects 
#   for each project
#       get list of short-lived branches
#           for each short-lived branches
#               if last_analysis_date > x days_before_purging
#               remove it
#               log-it
# Ressources:
#    - Support ticket opened to Sonarsource Community :
#    - Sonarqube Rest API: https://your_sonarqube_instance/your_context_root/web_api  , context can be sonar or nothing
# File History:
# 27-05-20  N. M. - Created file
# tested with python 2.7
# usage: python
# prerequisite
#pip install 'python-dateutil==1.5'

#********************** BEGIN *******************************
import ldap
import sys
import argparse
import ConfigParser
# importing the requests library for HTTP requests
import requests
import urllib3
import os
import logging
import logging.handlers
# These two lines enable debugging at httplib level (requests->urllib3->http.client)
# You will see the REQUEST, including HEADERS and DATA, and RESPONSE with HEADERS but without DATA.
# The only thing missing will be the response.body which is not logged.
    import http.client as http_client
except ImportError:
    # Python 2
    import httplib as http_client
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil.parser import parse
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
import locale 
import codecs
import os.path
from os import path

########### Begin of function declaration

def get_session(sonarqube_login, sonarqube_password):
     session =requests.Session()
     session.auth = (sonarqube_login, sonarqube_password)
     session.verify = False
     return session

def delete_branch(session, sonarqube_url, branch_name, projects_key):
     URL = sonarqube_url + "/sonar6/api/project_branches/delete"
     # example:$ curl --data "name=SonarqubeShortLivedBranches&project=com.myorganisation.project.removeSonarqubeShortLivedBranches:create-project"  https://your_sonarqube_instance/your_context_root/api/projects/create -k
     r = URL, data = {'branch':branch_name , 'project':projects_key}) "delete_project status code %s", r.status_code)
     # r.status_code ==
########### End of function declaration

#********************** MAIN ********************************
#configuration variables
sonarqube_url =   "https://your_sonarqube_instance"
sonarqube_token =  "sonarqube_token"
sonarqube_password =  "" #set to empty as using token for authentication
sonarqube_log_folder =  "/var/Sonarqube/my_script/" #for example

page_size = "500" #Note: maximum value of page_size is 500, we will have a problem if we have more than 500 projects as we don't know how to load them via api
debug_mode = False
start_time =
days_before_purging = 30
branch_type = "SHORT"
script_name = "removeSonarqubeShortLivedBranches"
log_filename= sonarqube_log_folder + script_name + '.log'
# log_filename= sonarqube_log_folder + script_name + '.log'
# To have a very detailed logging of HTTP Request, uncomment line above
# http_client.HTTPConnection.debuglevel = 1

#logging management
# Change root logger level from WARNING (default) to NOTSET in order for all messages to be delegated.

# Add stdout handler, with level INFO
console = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stdout)
formater = logging.Formatter('[%(levelname)s] - %(message)s')

# Add file rotating handler, with level DEBUG
# Check if log exists and should therefore be rolled
needRoll = os.path.isfile(log_filename)
rotatingHandler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(filename=log_filename, backupCount=5)
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - ' + script_name + ' - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')
if needRoll:    
     # Roll over on application start
     rotatingHandler.doRollover()"************************************************************")"********************** BEGIN *******************************")"Script is going to check all sonarqube project by key...")

# For all sonarqube projects 
URL = sonarqube_url + "/your_context_root/api/projects/search?ps=" + page_size

# preparing session
session = get_session(sonarqube_token, sonarqube_password)

# sending GET request and saving the response as a response object
# HTTP Get request: #https://your_sonarqube_instance/your_context_root/api/projects/search?ps=500
r = session.get( url = URL)
# extracting data in json format
projects_list = r.json()
#   for each project
number_of_projects = len(projects_list['components'])
num_of_removed_branches = 0 #used for statistics only
num_of_kept_branches = 0 #used for statistics only
for component_index  in range(number_of_projects):
          projects_key = projects_list['components'][component_index]['key'].decode('utf8')
        # get list of short-lived branches
        # for each short-lived branches
          URL = sonarqube_url + "/your_context_root/api/project_branches/list?project=" + projects_key
          r = session.get(url = URL)
          project_branches = r.json()
'Working on project key: %s', projects_key) 
          for branch_index  in range(len(project_branches['branches'])):
                    branch_analysis_date = parse(project_branches['branches'][branch_index]['analysisDate']).date() 
                    branch_name = project_branches['branches'][branch_index]['name']
                    isBranchOfType = project_branches['branches'][branch_index]['type'] == branch_type
                    # if last_analysis_date > days_before_purging (30 for example)
                    # compare branch last analysis date with (today - days_before_purging), which is like to compare if branch is older than "days_before_purging" 
                    # for example : does branch_analysis_date=2019-11-19T12:57:29+0000 < (today - 30)=2020-04-27 ?, it returns a boolean
                    isOld = branch_analysis_date  < ( = -days_before_purging)).date()
                    if isOld and isBranchOfType :
                         # remove it
                         delete_branch(session, sonarqube_url, branch_name, projects_key)
               '   branch: %s  analysed on %s  has been removed', branch_name, branch_analysis_date)
                         num_of_removed_branches = num_of_removed_branches + 1
                    elif isBranchOfType : 
               '   keeping branch: %s  analysed on  %s' , branch_name, branch_analysis_date)
                         num_of_kept_branches += 1   
               except KeyError:
                    logging.warning('  key error: you tried to access to a dictionary key that doesn\'t exist, may be caused by a project that has no branches or no analysis date ')       
     except UnicodeEncodeError:
          logging.error("  You have met an encoding error!!!  Find below your system encoding config and what i usally like. Try with  export PYTHONIOENCODING=UTF-8  in your environment") 
          logging.error( "sys.stdout.encoding: %s",sys.stdout.encoding)
          logging.error( "is a tty: %s", sys.stdout.isatty())
          logging.error( "locale.getpreferredencoding: %s",  locale.getpreferredencoding())
          logging.error( "sys.getfilesystemencoding: %s", sys.getfilesystemencoding())
          logging.error( "os.environ[PYTHONIOENCODING]: %s", os.environ["PYTHONIOENCODING"])
          #print "chr(246), chr(9786), chr(9787: ", chr(246), chr(9786), chr(9787)

          logging.error(" should give ")
          logging.error( "     utf_8 ")
          logging.error( "     False ")
          logging.error( "     ANSI_X3.4-1968 ")
          logging.error( "     ascii ")
          logging.error( "     utf_8 ")
          logging.error( "     ö ☺ ☻ " )     
          logging.error( "Please note that there is a known bug in windows when using python 2.7 that won't be fixed:")
          logging.error( "You can try to solve it by integratingatin ")
#Statistics"************************************************************")"********************** Statistics **************************")"Number of projetcs: %d", number_of_projects)"Number of branches removed: %d", num_of_removed_branches)"Number of branches keept: %d", num_of_kept_branches) - start_time )"************************************************************")"********************** End *********************************")

Hopes that will help some.

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Thanks for your script @NMO

anyway, it really seems like a bug into a “paid” feature of SonarQube, probably worth investigating & fixing it instead of relying on a workaround script :wink:

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