Sonarqube service connection

Hi Team,

We have configured SonarQube (Developer edition) on AzureDevOps with User PAT. Now we realized that we need to assign permission to the user for every project in case of sonarqube integration. Which doesn’t seem right.

We would like to change the user PAT with system PAT (with ADO default account PAT key)
without effecting the existing projects configured already on SonarQube.

Can we directly remove AzureDevops configuration on sonarqube? can we get back our licenses if we do that?
Or we need to remove every project first (this will give licenses back as we observe) and then remove the AzureDevOps configurartion?
or is there any other way to correct our issue?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Hey there.

I’m having a hard time understanding the issue.

If you are simply trying to adjust the PAT that you’re using, you can do so in the Administration UI without affecting any existing projects.

Thank you Colin, Thanks for the response. i have updated the PAT and everything working fine.