SonarQube server keeps crashing a few minutes after start/restart

Hi @nick.pham.hcl,

First of all, I’m glad to see that you are able to resolve the issue in your local environment.

Why are you trying to restart SonarQube regularly?

I think it’s worth continuing to find the root cause of this issue. Could you let me know which version you were using before 9.4?

Could you reproduce the issue, zip your $SONARQUBE_HOME/logs/ directory and share it with me via private message?

thanks @cwata

hi @Fan_Yang I do not want to start/restart the SonarQube regularly. As mentioned earlier, I wish to start the SonarQube server when my Windows DevOps VM starts/restarts. Since this is a DevOps VM, as similar as other VMs, sometime it needs patches or we need to install more dependencies/agents, and I want SonarQube to start immediately after Windows start.

this approach had worked for a year on older versions of SonarQube Developer. I am not sure why it fails to support this kind of Task Scheduler anymore

your further help is greatly appreciated @Fan_Yang

thank you both

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Hi @nick.pham.hcl,

I have sent you a private message to share the requested logs but I didn’t receive any response. Would you like to check on your side?