SonarQube Server blocked by Crowdstrike Security tool

Hi Experts,

  1. We are using SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.0.1(build 46107) as a server on one of Azure virtual machine and it was running fine.

  2. Later we have installed Crowdstirke security tool on the same virtual machine which makes sonarqube server stops working on the machine

  3. To recover the Sonarqube server, right now we are uninstalling Crowdstrike tool and reconfiguring Apache2 .

  4. But we have to make Sonarqube server running while Crowdstrike tool is active

  5. We are contacting with Crowdstrike support team in parallel to achieve above case

Could you please help us out, if you have any inputs on the similar issues


Hi Gopinath,

Can you provide some detail on what the conflict is between the two?


Hi Ann,

We have seen earlier firewall settings are updated, once we install crowdstrike tool on working sonarqube server and ports are closed/blocked, especially port 9000.

Even when we try to open the port 9000, no use.

With multiple retries, we came to know to recover the SonarQube server by two actions,

  1. Uninstall Crowdstrike
  2. Open the 9000 port, with “ufw allow 9000” linux command
  3. Enable Firewall with, ufw status enable"
  4. restart the apache2 server


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Hi Gopinath,

Thanks for the followup! This will probably help help others in the future.