SonarQube Server 10.4 Not starting on Mac M1

I am trying to install SonarCube on my Mac M1.
Getting following error and server not up on port 9000:

2024.02.12 15:35:55 ERROR es[][o.e.b.Elasticsearch] fatal exception while booting Elasticsearch
org.elasticsearch.http.BindHttpException: Failed to bind to
        at org.elasticsearch.http.AbstractHttpServerTransport.bindAddress( ~[elasticsearch-8.11.0.jar:?]
        at org.elasticsearch.http.AbstractHttpServerTransport.bindServer( ~[elasticsearch-8.11.0.jar:?]
        at org.elasticsearch.http.netty4.Netty4HttpServerTransport.doStart( ~[?:?]

Now getting following Error Page on port 9000

SonarQube is offline

The connection to SonarQube is lost. Please contact your system administrator.

Try Again


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Have you figured out the first error you posted? Does your second post reflect a new error?