SonarQube search box does not show files that exist only in a specific branch

SonarQube 7.9.4 LTS

The search bar on top does not files which does not exist in “main” branch. I have few files which exists only in development branch and they cannot be found using search functionality. Is this by-design ?

Hello @ankurja,

Thanks for the feedback.

Not at all. It’s a bug. We have a few use case of file search on branches that are broken on 7.9 (eg SONAR-12484) and yours is part of it.
With 8.x:

  • File search from the global search box is removed. We believe that it does not bring a lot of value (developers primarily search for projects in this box), and it generates a huge amount of data/consumes a lot of resources in SonarQube
  • Whenever a file search in needed, the search on branch will be fixed (eg in issues facets)

8.5 already has most of the fixes around this (and the global file search has already been dropped too)


Thanks @OlivierK. Will wait for v8 LTS to see the new behavior.