SonarQube roadmap update

I would like to request an update of the SonarQube roadmap.
Particularly concerning when 8.1 and its expected release-date.
We’re excited about the features that are supposed to ship with it.
Especially for the improved Gitlab integration .


Any traction on this yet?


Sorry this fell through the cracks. 8.1 is currently expected mid-December. In general we try to keep to an approximately 2mo. cadence. Of course, deviations from that are frequent, but it’s always a good starting assumption.



to keep track of Sonarqube and related plugins you might use: (official release comes usually a few days after internal release date)


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Understood. Thanks for the links. The roadmap page at can be considered unused then? Because it has not been updated since May this year. Personally I find roadmaps like that one quite valuable because it helps to check out priorities as well as checking out when new releases are scheduled.


Believe it or not, we’re still nailing down the roadmap for the next LTS, and I’ve put off updating the roadmap page because I kept thinking that it didn’t make sense to update with a “Coming Soon” notice when I’d have the real content “really soon”.

Aaaand, that’s still the case. :flushed:

That said, the roadmap page is usually about the big rocks for the next LTS, and not about more granular plans per release or about dates.


Hi Ann,

I can totally understand that. It’s just that this sentence: “We created this roadmap page to share planned additions to SonarQube and some insights into what lies ahead.” gave me the impression that the page concerned non-LTS versions as well. Either way I’m still excited about the next release and it’s integration with GitLab and my question regarding that release’s release-date has been answered.

Thanks again Ann!