SonarQube Pull Request integration with mono-repositories


Hi @Jack,

This is still in our plans. This should come in a future 8.x version.

Hi folks,
Just to let you know that this feature (for SonarQube) is now in our scope for the next 8.7 version. We are already working on it.
Stay tuned :wink:



I just noticed this new line is added to the user story:

  • I expect to have clear indication that monorepo is supported at some point for EE+ only.

Are we talking about use case 1 and use case 2 or only use case 2 for EE+?

I must say pushing these ‘features’ to EE is very disappointing. Mono repo’s are not an enterprise feature. Pushing this to EE will only alienate your users further as when they try out pull request decoration on DE they will immediately notice that something is not working correctly. To then see that for the feature to work correctly you’ll need to jump to a 1000x (literally) more expensive license will be a reason not to use sonarqube imo.


I want to support @Rouke.Broersma.IS opinion. It is a requirement for PR decoration, therefore we need it in DE or CE.

In our case we have C++ and Java part which are build in parallel jobs. The quality gate in PR is currently not blocking reliably (50%, depends which job finishes later). This is a severe downside of SonarQube.

Hey @Chris,

any update on the above question? We also would require this in DE not EE

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Hi everyone,

We’re adding the support for monorepo with SonarQube 8.7 (release imminent) in Enterprise Edition.
And, to answer the question above, this will benefit to the 2 use-cases mentioned in the ticket.

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@Chris so you are confirming that this will not be available in developer edition?

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@jlawless For now, yes I confirm it will be available only starting from EE.

That’s absolutely ridiculous. The issue is with PR decoration, a feature that’s available in DE. Locking it behind EE is just money grabbing, plain and simple.

I’ll certainly be cancelling my companies license; we’ve been waiting for this feature for years.

Thanks @Chris. This is a pretty bizarre decision, I can only assume its an expensive feature to maintain…

For anyone else stuck on this, heres a powershell script I wrote that I run in our VSTS pipeline. Its not perfect but gets the job done so is somewhere to start.


Empty words and empty promises. What a bait and switch. We as a community had to campaign for years to even get you to understand what a mono repo is and how it is used and then you decide to stick it under enterprise edition while promising all over the forums that this feature was coming and you were working on it. Nowhere except in the jira ticket did you mention that it would be EE only. Help questions have been answered with “we will fix it soon” even though the users mentioned they had a developer edition license.

Another disappointing move by SonarSource as expected.

Apparently this post is offensive and therefore hidden. Okay.

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Hello there. We are not insensitive to community feedback and inputs. No need to post your frustration in 3 differents threads @Rouke.Broersma.IS, we got the message :wink:

Please be assured that discussions are happening internally.

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I hoped to get a working PR report for mixture of Java/C++ repo (JNI as bridge). In Analyze project with Java, C++ and C# in Azure DevOps - Get help / SonarQube - SonarSource Community your colleague stated that we need to have separate projects for each technology stack (Microsoft/Java).

Now again, no working PR result for developer edition.

It would be good to have any working solution for Java projects with native interfaces in DE or CE. Even an instruction or example of how to set up manual scanner would be an improvement.

Another defensive reply from Sonar. Maybe you should address why your users feel the need to post their frustrations in 3 threads rather than chastising them for doing so.

Hi Pierre,

I simply wanted to share this news with other users I have interacted with on this forum, it was not my intention to vent my frustration all over the place.

I am frustrated yes, so I guess that is visible in the posts, I apologize for that. My intention was good.

No hard feelings. Let’s keep the discussion constructive :+1:

I’d also like to provide my own personal experience/feedback.

My sales rep sold me on developer edition knowing we desired PR decoration. At no point did the sales rep inquire as to our particular use cases or setup.

Now, it comes to our realization that PR analysis DOES NOT work for monorepos with Developer Edition!

That’s a very bad experience both from sales perspective but also from documentation and advertisement. The page which shows the cost and features available for different editions obscures this fact (not prominently advertised and deeply nested in documentation).

It’s my hope that the internal team discussions are veering towards granting this feature to those with Developer Edition as it is highly impactful to a large number of customers and would help to smooth over any lack of transparency that I experienced.


I would also like to express my frustration here.

My team has already deeply integrated Sonarqube into our workflow. Recently, the requirement for Monorepos support was added and we were stumped by the fact that this feature was being held back behind a PayWall. This is inexplicable to me and I share Michael’s opinion that this fact is not presented transparently enough.

We are now faced with the decision to go a workaround or to replace Sonarqube. The Enterprise Edition is not an option.



Any outcome to these discussions? This is still one of the most frustrating experiences of using SonarQube